All year-round outdoor living. Why louvres work in the cooler months.

Shorter days and longer nights mean Autumn is well under way and you may be thinking that relaxing outdoors stays with the summer months – but that doesn’t have to be the case. Our louvres give you the solution to extend your outdoor living into the cooler months.

Flexible outdoor areas are the best way to squeeze out more outside living. The ability to open and close screens on louvres offers you protection from all types of weather, whether it’s the hot sun in summer or wind and rain throughout the year. Our standard LED perimeter lighting around the louvre beams creates the outdoor ambience that’s perfect on the darkest of nights.

The flexibility of our louvres means you can choose whether you want the roof louvres open or closed with the touch of a button on a remote control (or manual crank). With our hand operated track blinds, we can not only offer weather protection and durability but also enhance the style of any outdoor venue. An added bonus is that a Greenscapes staff member can install it all for you!

Download our brochure for all our specs and options or come check out a louvre set up on site at Greenscapes.