Autumn gardening guide

The ground is warm and the first (yet to come) Autumn rain provides the perfect setting for planting and getting your lawns established. If you’re looking for ideas on how to improve your garden settings this Autumn (we imagine this Autumn may involve some self-isolating) then check out our list below. Lucky for Cambridge we’re offering FREE* delivery this March.


We offer beautiful compost to get your garden going here at Greenscapes but we also suggest that you can make your own too! Autumn is the season to gather materials for composting. The wealth of carbon-rich matter will benefit your compost all year long. We recommend raking up leaves, pulling out any herbs and old vegetables and add them to your compost heap. Any organic material – kitchen scraps, plant material, lawn clippings, weeds, seaweed, wood ashes, straw and animal manure – can be used.


Autumn is a good time to mulch as the ground is still warm. Adding mulch to your garden helps to stop temperature and moisture fluctuations that can stress your plants out. Mulching can help conserve moisture in your garden and keep it warm over winter. Autumn is a good time to mulch as the ground is still warm. Check out the variety we have here.


Autumn is the ideal time to sow or repair your new lawn so it can establish itself over the winter months. We have a shop onsite where you can purchase everything you need to get your lawn looking supreme this Autumn!

Plant bulbs

If you want glorious flowers in Spring, you need to get in your garden and start planting your bulbs in Autumn. Planting bulbs in autumn allows their flowers to germinate from the soil at the right time in spring to delight you with their blaze of colour.