Autumn is coming

The air is crisp, the days are long, the soil is still warm and you guessed it – more (much needed) rain is coming.

We’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer here at Greenscapes but we know that Autumn is a wonderful season in the garden – and we’ve got you covered.

You may not think it but now is the time to get planting! Autumn is a great time to fill the vege garden with crops for the cooler months so you can enjoy harvests well into the winter – yey!


Gather fallen leaves from around the garden and start a compost pile. Over time you will start to create rich compost called leaf mould which is a wonderful source of nutrients.

Vege gardens

Remove and discard any edibles that have gone to seed, are showing signs of disease or have died. Be sure to get rid of all their roots too! Make a note of where you had tomatoes and potatoes planted so you can rotate planting locations next season.

Our macrocarpa planter boxes is a really popular product for us - made on site and to any dimension required. Perfect for a wow factor vege garden.


If you’re after some mulch, Autumn is a great time as it will start to maintain moisture for winter, protecting your plants for the cooler months ahead, as well as keeping weeds at bay. Adding 5 – 8cm of mulch to garden beds will do the trick.

We have plenty of mulch options to suit your garden and we're more than happy to discuss what mulch will suit your house/area best.

If you'd like any more information you'll find out contact details here.