Black mulch makeover

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Ask part of our ‘just ask’ initiative we spruced up Helen and Stuart’s back yard in Cambridge. As well as supplying landscape and garden supplies we also offer our handy staff to lay our product as well as completing small landscaping jobs.

Products used

*Black mulch

*Compost soil blend

*Nuhuka pebble

*Macrocarpa planter box

After they finished planting they sent us some pictures of the final results.

“Just thought you might like photos of finished and planted out landscape at our place.

We are very pleased with the result.

Thanks so much for a great job.”

Helen and Stuart Stace

Our black mulch gives your garden that wow factor! It has been 100% recycled from untreated timber and dyed with an environmentally friendly oxide colourant. It is a garden mulch that mats together, retains moisture and inhibits weed growth while keeping soil cool.

As you can see the Nuhaka pebble is great for walkways, around pavers and as a decorative feature in gardens. It's 10-30mm and a deep blue colour, making an awesome contrast against the black mulch.

Our macrocarpa planter boxes are made on site and to any dimensions you require, we filled Helen and Stuarts with our compost soil blend - perfect for veggie garden!

If you’re after a small landscaping job then give the team at Greenscapes a

call. We can deliver our product and finish the job so you don’t have to.