Gardening tips in a drought

Droughts can be a big factor for Kiwi summers especially in recent times however, you don't need to let your garden suffer. Reducing your water consumption, choosing the right mulches, plants and soils can greatly improve your landscaping without adding to a water shortage.

Soils and mulches

Choosing your soil wisely can limit the amount you need to water. Greenscapes’ mushroom compost is great for giving back to the soil and will revitalise your garden bed. Low in acidity, it is a great growing base to give you a solid harvest for your garden. Perfect to help boost flower beds!

Immediately covering the area you water with mulch can help keep the water in. Add 2- to 3-inch-deep layer of mulch over the soil when drought gardening can do wonders: It keeps the soil cooler and shields the ground from direct sun. The benefit is that moisture stays in the soil longer, where it's more available to your garden plants.

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Choosing plants that thrive in a dry climate can significantly lower your water usage. Our trusty natives have adapted well to dry areas of New Zealand.

Greenscapes recommend astelia, carex, chionochloa, coprosma, corokia, flax, griselinea, knightia, olearea, and many more.

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It might not be fun at the best of times but getting those weeds out of the garden is especially important during drought. The reason: weeds' roots steal valuable moisture from the soil.

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