Greenscapes guide to an easy garden

If a low maintenance garden is something you want to embrace, whether it’s out of necessity or preference - come to us to create a great looking outdoor area so you can spend less time weeding!

Fill your area with mulch and hardy grasses and shrubs for a gorgeous garden that’s easy to look after - it just requires a little forward planning...

Tui Garden’s top easy-care plant options

· Carex Buchananii (Leatherleaf Sedge)

· Carex Comans bronze

· Carex secta

· Carex Testacea

· Trifida

· Carex Virgata

· Festuca Banks Peninsula Blue

· Uncinia red

Greenscape’s mulch options

Decorative bark A classic dark bark suitable for all gardens. Add a neat and traditional look to any garden while helping to retain moisture and suppress weed growth.

Black mulch Our black mulch gives your garden that wow factor! It has been 100% recycled from untreated timber and dyed with an environmentally friendly oxide colourant.

Tree mulch Our tree mulch is an excellent product giving you that NZ natural native forest floor look and is well suited for larger areas or steep sites. A great product if you want to stay within budget but still have an attractive finish.

Garden mulch Giving a very natural forest floor look to any garden. Garden mulch is great for decorative purposes and for steep gardens where washouts may occur.

Nugget Bark

Our nugget bark has a traditional look and is ideal for a decorative ground cover, helping to retain moisture and weed suppression.