Greenscapes top benefits of bark & mulch

Greenscapes Landscape & Garden Supplies offer a variety of bark and mulch which can be a really stunning/high contrast option for your garden. With new treated mulch styles available it now means that fading is no longer a worry.

It's not just a pretty finisher, it’ll help your garden grow at its best and demand far less maintenance so you can enjoy doing other things!

*Greenscapes top tip*

Keep wood mulch away from the trunks of trees to prevent rot.

Here’s our top bark and mulch benefits…

§ Weeds struggle to emerge.

Wood mulch is an incredible tool to keep pesky weeds at bay. It discourages them to grow meaning they don’t absorb the moisture and nutrients your plants are craving.

§ Isn’t blown around.

Wood mulch is low maintenance. You won’t find it spread across your garden after Storm Susan hits.

§ Easy to apply and remove.

Straight on to your garden bed it’s super easy to spread on soil.

§ Can be recycled again.

Wood mulch is an organically occurring material and once its run its course you can compost it or work it directly into the soil.

§ Holds moisture retention.

Covering your soil with two inches of mulch can increase the soils ability to retain water. This is an advantage for both overly wet and overly dry areas. When it rains too much, the wood chips will suck up the excess moisture.

§ Regulates soil temperature.

With the New Zealand weather being rather fickle, plants can often get stressed by the conditions. A thin layer of mulch is adequate enough to help with this situation even on those frosty mornings. Think of it as a blanket for your plants.