Mulching in summer

It’s summer, it’s hot and you have to keep hydrated – just like your plants. There’s one simple thing you can do to help them during the heat of the summer and that’s mulch. When you mulch your garden and even your houseplants, you mimic Mother Nature, who mulches forest floors with fallen leaves, pine needles and branches.

The benefits of mulch for your summer garden are many. The protective layer from mulch shields and feeds the good bacteria in the soil. Mulch also cuts down on weeds and prevents compaction and erosion. Mulch greatly conserves soil moisture by cutting down on surface evaporation and cooling soil temperatures. This reduces the need for watering by 35-45%.

Follow these steps for mulching your summer garden.

Choose your mulch

Greenscapes offer a variety of mulch including black, red and natural. What you choose will depend on the look you want and the contrast between other materials (our team are pretty on to it with this if you need help!)

Remove weeds

Mulch cuts down on the germination of weeds, but it won’t get rid of existing weeds. Prior to mulching, weed the area, making sure to take out even the smallest of weeds by the roots.

Apply the mulch

Add a 2-4-inch-thick layer of mulch (we have a handy calculator to work out how much you need here) to conserve water and inhibit weed growth.


Once the mulch is all down, seal in moisture and prevent erosion by thoroughly watering the surface of the mulch. Water will weigh down the mulch so it makes good contact with the soil.

We offer bags and scoops of mulch so there’s something for everyone – with free trailer hire or delivery at Greenscapes you can’t go wrong!