Pretty and practical - landscaping with pavers, stones and pebbles...

Landscaping with stones goes way beyond just rock gardens. At Greenscapes we have a variety of stones/pebbles/rocks/pavers to add stylish and practical touches to your outdoor space!

Here are a few reasons why to use them and different ways to add interest to your landscaping…

Budget-friendly curb appeal

A variety of heat-tolerant plants with low water requirements can take over the garden. Pavers take up most of the space where thirsty weeds may lie and are a great way of creating a striking pattern while also helping keeping pesky weeds at bay.

Drought-tolerant garden

Replace a boring lawn with golden gravel dotted with an ornamental grass like Lomandra, then add a few accent plants - all of which can withstand a low-water climate. All stocked at Greenscapes!

Multi – textured

Pebbles can be used to fill in and define a walkway or pathway and are great for use with stepping stones. Choose a pebble that compliments your steppers for continuity or a colour that contrasts with the walkway or pathway in order to highlight the area. Pebbles can also be mixed with other stones along the path to create more texture and movement. If you need help, ask one of our team members for advice on colours and shape.

Get creative and make a Zen rock garden

A Zen rock garden usually contains moss islands, an evocative boulder or two, and raked pebbles – it looks very fancy! You can create dimension and visual interest by utilising darker colours, such as having a lower border of flat rectangular stones set around smooth pebbles.

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