Star apprentice landscaper

Updated: Feb 14

Since starting with Greenscapes in 2018, Jase Rouse has built upon his role to improve his skills in the landscaping sector. After showing interest in the landscaping side of the business, Jase begun his landscaping apprenticeship - now his role has changed significantly.

“I take a more hands-on approach now. Instead of just working on the yard I’m now busy building garden boxes and running the delivery side of the business. I’m also out offering services for hardscaping, concrete jobs and garden maintenance/restoration work.” He says.

Jason has challenged himself this year by completing bespoke jobs for clients.

“A lot of people are after something they can’t buy from a shop – I love being able to build what they’re after. It ranges from a sandpit to a playhouse to garden boxes and chicken coops.”

With Visionscapes Landscaping a sister company to the business, Jase is able to practice his skills on a daily basis.

“My favourite part of the role is getting to meet new clients and sharing ideas that benefit them. The finished product and the smile makes it all worth the hard mahi.”

David Lorigan, Owner of Greenscapes and Visionscapes sees the benefit of employing locals who want to work as well as upskill.

“The team work through different competencies and get signed off by our accredited team leaders. Working on the books an hour or so a night they have been fast tracking through the manuals provided by Primary ITO, the apprenticeship provider. There are several training days that are put on by Wintec to make sure that the competencies are met. It’s all a hands on approach and the guys love learning while earning.”

“With the skills shortage we have seen great benefit in getting our guys up skilled and qualified which is proving great benefit to the business. We are molding and building our team through personal development to suit our needs.” David says.

David currently employs five apprentices, all at different stages of the program which takes approximately two years.

Jase would love to be doing more work restoring existing gardens and entertainment areas to bring life back into properties that need some love and attention.

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