Tips on using feature rocks or boulders in your garden

Landscaping with rocks and boulders is such an easy way to not only instantly improve your home’s curb appeal but it’s also a very smart way to prevent erosion and help to retain moisture in garden beds.

Boulders and rocks can greatly enhance a flower bed or yard because it adds texture, height, focal interest and the best part is that rocks are organic and natural. Mixed with different levels and colors grasses, flowers and plants, the combination is natural and interesting.

Creating garden beds in your yard either by lining or simply mixing in the rocks adds beauty and breaks up the yard with more focal interest. Better yet, less mowing is needed and these rock beds can look pretty even in the winter when the grass is dead.

When placing your rocks, a helpful rule taken from Japanese garden design is to avoid creating straight lines.

This is more difficult than you might think at first, though if you pull off a composition in this way it really does looks great.

When selecting rocks, go for character. The rock might remind you of something or have a seat-sized dip. Each rock should have a different face. To make rocks look natural, go for irregular shapes and odd rather than even numbers. Assess rocks from every angle, and don't let a plant or rock hide another one. The weight, size and shape of your rocks should be different. Nothing looks worse than four rocks the same size all in a row.

Get smaller rocks too. These can be used to soften the shape of a larger rock, or to get your numbers right from a particular angle.