Why is topsoil important?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Many gardens have poor soil, such as those found behind new-build homes, where the natural topsoil has been stripped away during the construction process.

When looking to landscape, create beds, borders, raised beds, or bases for lawns in your garden you need to ensure the soil you use is high in nutrients and organic matter. The problem with some natural soil found in the garden is that it can be nutrient poor or even non-existent and contain many weeds.

That's why topsoil is the perfect supplement!

Our screened topsoil is sourced from the best locations in the Waikato to give you a high quality, A-Grade topsoil suitable for lawns and gardens.

· For laying lawns you will need at least 10cm (4in) layer of top soil

· New beds will need about 20cm (8in) or more

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