Why landscaping can make you happy this Winter

Perhaps you aren’t too keen to work in the garden in winter. However, winter can be the ideal time to start landscaping projects.

That’s because your garden, or other outside space is used less in the winter, so the disruption caused by landscaping will have less of an effect.

Carrying out landscaping work in the winter also gives you a reason to get out in the winter sun, so you can soak up Vitamin D while you have the chance.

There are also mental health benefits. The short days and dark nights of winter can bring many people down. Having a big project to focus on will help keep you motivated and happy.

Making your garden look good - all year round

Winter is often seen as a time to plan landscaping to be carried out in the spring and summer. But there’s a lot you can do in the winter to ensure your garden always looks good.

Decorative bark and mulch can be laid at any time of year, but it’s best to apply it when the soil is moist - generally later winter.

Mulch suppresses weed growth, helps soil retain moisture and will help protect plant roots from the cold.

If you want a low maintenance garden that looks just as good in winter as summer, then laying gravel or stones is the answer. Brighter coloured stones give a nice contrast to the more subdued colours of winter.

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