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Dumping Services


Dispose of your organic waste in our greenwaste pit, located on site in our yard.

We take all forms of greenwaste except for flax, cabbage tree leaves and palm kernel. 

We do not take any plastic, weedmat, metal or any other forms of non-organic waste. Please remove this from your waste when dumping. (This includes the garden bags).

We offer very competitive rates, and all our greenwaste gets recycled into compost, garden mix and worm castings by our friends at Revital - so come help us keep the world green at Greenscapes!


In addition to our greenwaste disposal, we also offer cleanfill, or hardfill, disposal.

This is used to backfill quarries, which means there can be no hazardous materials that will leach into the soil. 

We accept dirt, sand, claygravel, concrete (with no rebar), rocks and old asphalt (not fresh). Please make sure there is no plastic or metal in the waste.