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Looking for a landscaper to curate your grounds? Greenscapes has all the product to get a landscaping job done, and we're experts at small landscaping jobs too, but for any large scale transformations we defer to the experts at Visionscapes. 

Visionscapes is the professional landscaping and design division of Greenscapes, offering high quality services at competitive rates - there's no better Cambridge landscaping team to get the job done. The team of ten has years of experience across all realms of landscaping - building, concreting and of course landscaping. In the office we have three talented 3D designers that will bring your landscaping concept to life in rich detail and comprehensive depth. 


Visonscapes are the leaders of Cambridge landscaping design, and the greater Waipa (we also offer design work to the entirety of NZ)  using the latest and most dynamic technology to create designs with incredible levels of detail. The designs are made entirely in 3D, meaning that you will be able to 'fly' through the space and view your plan from all its different angles. This means we can find anything that doesn't agree with you, or add more of what does, before the plan is finalised. And that's what puts the Vision in Visionscapes, conjuring all your dreams, ideas and concepts onto the screen, blending it all into a crisp and stunning actuality. 

We offer three packages:

  • Partial Landscape Concept Design (This is a landscape design for parts of your property, excluding more detailed elements)

  • Full Landscape Concept Design (This is a landscape design for your whole property, excluding more detailed elements)

  • Complete Landscape Design (This is for a whole property transformation)

Check out a few of our past designs below!


Visionscapes may be young (created in 2018), but our staff have a lot of experience under their belts - with our two lead landscapers amassing 15 years experience each, landscaping not just in NZ but in Australia too. To complement this, our other fully qualified landscapers have years of experience in the concreting and building professions which brings a wealth of 'know-how' to ensure all our jobs are completed to the highest of standards. 

Visionscapes does every landscaping job under the sun, from design to finish, supplementing Greencapes already wide range of services and products to turn us into your Cambridge landscaping leaders! This includes but is not limited to: 

And anything else your heart desires! Check out a few of our completed landscaping jobs below or visit our website.