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PLANTER BOXES, Garden Edging And Raised Garden Beds


Any size, any dimension

Greenscapes have been custom making planter boxes for years, we always ensure a quality finish that's been built exactly to the specifications - down to the millimetre.

In general we create rectangular planter boxes - but we are in no way restricted to a simple rectangle, so feel free to get creative and think outside the box!

Our planter boxes are made from natural untreated redwood sleepers, but if you have another timber in mind we are very versatile and can source the material and build the planter for you, or if you have a bespoke design get in touch and see what we can do. 

Have a look below to see some of the designs of the past. We can do triangles, L-bends and even multilayered boxes! Come to us with an idea and we'll make your vision a reality. 

Want a timber construction that's not quite a planter box, like a sandpit or picnic table? Check our other timber services here.

Enquire with us now and we'll make a plan!

Below are some of the standard sizes and pricing for our planter boxes, but we can make these to any width and length! Just tell us what you need and we'll help you make your home your castle. 

Standard Dimensions*

Height (Planks)

Volume (For Soil)

Price (For empty box)

2m x 1m

2 (0.4m)

0.8 Cubic Metres


2m x 1m

3 (0.6m)

1.2 Cubic Metres


3m x 1m

2 (0.4m)

1.2 Cubic Metres


3m x 1m

3 (0.6m)

1.8 Cubic Metres


3.6m x 1m

2 (0.4m)

1 Cubic Metre


3.6m x 1m

3 (0.6m)

1.5 Cubic Metres


*These are external dimensions

Here's a volume calculator - work out how much soil, garden mix or compost you'll need to fill your planter box!

Planter Box Volume Calculator

Here's some of our past creations.

Garden Edging

When it comes to wooden garden edging, there is one philosophy that we hold across both edging and boxing - the final quality of the job comes down to the timber used. We strive to source only the highest quality sleepers to ensure that your garden doesn't just look good the day after we finish the job, but on that day the next year, the next year and the next. 

But edging does not have to use timber and in no way is that the benchmark of current contemporary styles. Stones, pavers and concrete all make for excellent alternatives, and a combination thereof make the possibilities limitless. Even thin strips of landscaping groundcover elements such as lime chip or river pebble can not only look great, but they are an excellent way to set your garden apart and add to its unique flair.

Please enquire with us today to see what we can do for your garden!