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Free for the day

Whether you need to transport some of our product back to your house, or cart some greenwaste or cleanfill back to us, we have a range of trailers available to suit all purposes, and the best part is you can have the trailer hire for free!

We have two big trailers for your bulk buys of stone or building materials and a high-sider to hold big loads of mulch or greenwaste, unfortunately we have had to retire our two smaller trailers. 

There is no deposit or fee required! Just return the trailers when you're done or by the end of the day.(Opening hours 8-5)

Please note during the weekend our trailer hire is only for product purchases and not solely for greenwaste. This is due to their high demand. First in first served!

Our trailers can take up to one cubic metre of stone and sand (or slightly more mulch and soil). But we also deliver during the weekdays, up to 3 metres of stone, 4 of soil or 7 of mulch. Check out our delivery services below or give us a quick call and check up if we have any trailers here in the yard before you pop down.