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We do all sorts of small landscaping jobs.

Some of the jobs we offer are:

  1. Pathway installation - gravel, decorative stone, concrete
  2. Garden removal - we'll take out existing plants and top layer
  3. Garden installation - refill an old garden or fill a new one with soil or garden mix, weedmat and plant plants
  4. Garden edging - sleepers or concrete, plastic or metal
  5. Steps - timber steps with a decorative stone filling, or concrete or even timber again on top
  6. Mulching - we deliver and spread mulch around your garden 
  7. Concreting jobs - pads, paths, steps, edging and more - check out our concreting services here
  8. Paving - paths, patios and everything else!

And really anything else you can think of. Any sort of small landscaping job we can source the product, provide the equipment and send in the labour to get it done!

If you're in need for some higher end or larger scale landscaping services, our sister company Visionscapes are experts in all things landscaping, from design to finish! If you need a property transformation then these are the guys to do it, just wait till you see their designs and you'll be blown away.

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As an example...

Landscaping With Visionscapes

Visionscapes delivers the highest quality landscape designs and landscaping services, creating your perfect landscape from concept to finish.

The Visionscapes team are Cambridge landscaping experts, offering all landscaping services - decking, gardens, pergolas, driveways, patios... 

Visionscapes also offers their landscape design services nationwide, creating some of the most detailed and rich computer models of your proposed finished landscape. For example, this background is not a picture! This is a 3D concept plan created by our talented designers.

Greenscapes will happily perform small landscaping services such as pathways or a concrete pad, but for landscape transformations and creating something truly special, there is no better option than the Visionscapes team.

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