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Konnect Koncrete

Greenscapes keeps a big range of concreting products - sealers, retarder, hydrochloric acid, etc - on hand down in the yard. Come grab all you need right here for your next big concrete job!

Eco Mask

Ecomask is an environmentally friendly vegetable-based masking & release agent that can be used on rubber, plastic, steel, wood & concrete.

Ecomask is a very popular masking agent for areas that are likely to be splashed with concrete. Simply spray the area with Ecomask and once you’ve finished your pour the concrete splashes can be easily hosed off.

Concrete remover crete blaster

Crete Blaster

Concrete Remover for Hardened Concrete. A safe to use, versatile concrete remover. Non corrosive and non hazardous, it turns concrete residue in to “mud” for easy removal. Safe to use on aluminium joinery and is bumper to bumper safe for ready mix trucks and other vehicles.

Form release agent for moulds

Form Release

The pre-casters favourite! General purpose chemical re- lease agent for steel moulds, formwork and concrete beds. RB 7.18 provides a clean and easy release or “strike” without damage or staining to either the concrete face or form. Only a very light film of the product is required which means a little product goes a long way!

Slab cure concrete curing

Slab Cure

Slab Cure is a sodium silicate based ready-to-use product that can be used as a curing compound for freshly laid concrete whereby a top coat may be applied without any fear of debonding or delamination. This is because Slab Cure is not a curing membrane, therefore does not leave a permanent film over the concrete surface area. RB 7.10 can also be used as a concrete surface dust proofer and hardener. Slab Cure has been used as a curing compound and surface hardener on approx 1 million square metres of concrete in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Chemtech one concrete sealer

Chemtech One Sealer

Chemtec One concrete sealer is designed primarily to protect, harden, dust proof, seal, increase the mass, durability and abrasion resistance of your high strength steel troweled concrete floors and also bridge decks, loading ramps, driveways, runways, fuelling stations, tank farms and to increase the useful life of all concrete infrastructures.

concrete surface retardant 20-40mpa

Surface Retarder Plus 20-40mpa

Surface Retarder Plus (RB7.17) is a concrete surface retarder and recommended to be used on concrete with strengths between 20 and 40 MPA and on concrete under 20MPA in hot weather. When applied to the surface of freshly poured concrete it delays the normal hydration of cement for a depth of 3-6mm (and occasionally deeper), whilst the underlaying concrete hardens normally. Surface Retarder – Plus is supplied ready to use from containers without site mixing and should not be diluted.

concrete surface retardant 40+ mpa

Surface Retarder Plus Extra - 40+ mpa

Surface Retarder – Plus Extra (RB7.17EX) is a concrete surface retarder recommended to be used on concrete with strengths of over 40 MPA. Ideal for use in the forming of construction joints in high strength concrete in both precast and civil construction. When applied to the surface of freshly poured concrete it delays the normal hydration of cement for a depth of 3-6mm (and occasionally deeper), whilst the underlaying concrete hardens normally.

Mortar plasticiser forming agent

Mortar Plasticiser

Mortar Plasticiser is a liquid admixture that is a blend of special powders mixed in a solution to form a plasticiser that significantly improves the workability of mortars and renders. This product enables brickies to lay more bricks faster. Mortar Plasticiser is also a very popular product with kerbing contractors, producing perfect kerbs every time!

Evaporation retarder

Evaporation Retarder

Evaporation Retarder is a Surface-Active Agent in water solution, used to reduce the water evaporation rate from the surface of freshly laid flat concrete. When spray applied in diluted form to the surface of freshly laid plastic concrete it greatly reduced the tendency for surface plastic cracking (shrinkage cracking in plastic concrete) to occur during adverse weather conditions.

Asphalt renew

Asphalt Renew

Asphalt renew is a 100% New Zealand manufactured product. It has been specially formulated to restore toughness, cohesion and depth of colour on asphalt, concrete and cement surfaces.

This product is compatible with bitumen and will chemically bond with the original asphalt. This is unlike typical paints which merely form a skin over the surface, causing flaking and delamination. The hard-wearing and durable coverage rendered by this product provides a degree of water repellence to the surface. It kills moss and lichen when applied and retards further growth.

Other Concreting Products

Keep it dry

Keep It Dry

Keep It Dry is the world’s first single-coat low-toxin, water-based, water-repellent concentrate solution. It’s proven to repel moisture from many different types of materials and help improve the life span of the surface.

It can be applied to brick, cement-based materials, wood, leather and leather products, textiles, felt, canvas, or mineral powders and fertilizers to prevent from clumping, or pulp and paper products, or driveways, runways and roads to prevent icing, or underground facilities and structures.

Hydrochloric acid for concrete

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid is used for etching concrete where grinding is not an option or cannot be carried out to prepare the floor for a new coating. Acid etching will remove most of the weak, milky layer of cement dust, lime and sand fines that can rise to the surface with over-wet concrete, poor curing or over-trowelling.

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