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Gardening fertilisers and nutrients

Greenscapes keeps a wide range of different fertilisers on hand for when you want to freshen up your garden or get some specific nutrients for your favourite shrubs and vege plants - especially those strawberries and tomatoes! Fish & seaweed fertilisers also make for a great addition to any plant to ensure it flourishes. 

Along with this, we sell some bug deterrents to keep those pesky creepy crawlies off of all your plants!

Have a look below at our full range. 

  • Nitro Blue Fertiliser 1.5kg
  • Nitro Blue Fertiliser 3kg
  • Epsom Salts 1kg
  • Sulphate of Potash 1kg
  • Aluminium Suplhate 1kg
  • Super Phosphate 2kg
  • Sulphate Ammonia 2kg
  • Sulphate of Iron 2.5L
  • Strawberry Fertiliser 1.75kg
  • Tomato Fertiliser 1.75kg
  • Urea 750g
  • Hydrated Lime 500g
  • Copper Sulphate 500g
  • Trace Elements 600g
  • Fish, Seaweed & Tricho 500ml
  • Beat A Bug Insect Spray 750ml
  • Beat A Bug Inspect Spray Concentrate 250ml

Other Gardening & Building Supplies