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Bagged Compost, Potting Mix and Worm Castings

Ever wondered where all our greenwaste goes? Behind our yard in Leamington is the massive Revital fertilisers plant and sand quarry, they take all our greenwaste along with commerical loads of greenwaste (think big trucks and trailers). Revital then mulches all this up and leaves it to compost in different ways to form a variety of products. Not to mention their huge worm farm that eats away at a fair amount of it!

What we get back are 3 fantastic bagged compost products, great for any garden. 

30L Grow-All: A light mixture of composts and worm castings - this bagged compost is fantastic in vege gardens and is ready to be planted straight into!

30L Organic Potting Mix: Premium Revital composts and soils mixed with a hearty amount of stones to provide proper drainage in your pots.

30L Premium Compost: This bagged compost is a very strong blend of different composts and has a very high nutrient count - great for revitalising an existing garden. However you may want to mix it with some potting mix or topsoil first before planting any new plants or seeds into it - the nutrient content will likely give your young plants nutrient burns, which they may not survive.

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