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Weedmat Geocil 1x10m


When doing a fresh garden or planting job, weedmat is essential to ensuring your snazzy new garden remains looking fresh over the coming years.

Greenscapes sells a variety of different weedmats to suit your needs and purposes. We have geocil standard weedmats to keep the weeds out and the soil fresh, UV resistant woven weedmats that will help to maintain moisture and protect your plants roots from the suns harmful rays and 'Jute Tex' - a fully biodegradable weedmat.  


Weedmat Geocil 1x10m


Weedmat Geocil 1x20m


Weedmat Geocil 2x10m


Weedmat Geocil 2x20m


Weedmat Geocil 2x50m


Weedmat Ultra Pro Woven 1.83x20m


Weedmat Ultra Pro Woven 1.83x50m


Weedmat Ultra Pro Woven 3.66x50m


Weedmat Jute Tex 1.83x20m


Weedmate staples galvanised steel 23cm and 13cm

Weedmat Staples

Its all good well and acquiring some weedmat, but that weedmat needs to be fixed to the ground with something to maintain its effectiveness. 

We sell galvanised steel staples that won't rust away in the soil, and in two lengths to suit the composition of your ground. 13cm for hard ground and 23cm for soft ground. 

We sell these staples singly, in packs of 25 or by the box of 200!

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