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Full and half wine barrels for sale

Full Wine Barrel

Rustic wine barrels, retired from their service in the vineyards and fine establishments.

The full wine barrels make for great lean-tos, or are particularly attractive as the base for tables, chairs and other outdoor furniture. They also work great as purely decorative features around your patio or garden.  

Or hey, give them a clean, put the tap back in and welcome them into your cellar...

Half Wine Barrel

The half wine barrels make for great large outdoor pots, perfect for your favourite palm or your newest succulent garden!

Citrus trees planted inside and placed close to the house give a classy yet rustic look. Pair your favourite tree/shrub with some hanging plants or creeping vines to complete the look.

As these were once in service wine barrels, they are very good at holding onto liquid and don't leak in the slightest! So be sure to drill some holes in the bottom if they are being left outside with a plant that doesn't like its feet wet. 

New Half Wine Barrels for sale
Wine barrels for sale stack

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